Girl with a horseLet us take the worry out of caring for your horse!

Many people wonder how they can have a horse when they live in an urban area. Quarters 4 Horses is the answer! We take pride in our facility and we love your horse as much as you do. We take the hassle out of the twice a day feeding and make sure your treasured pet has a comfortable, safe and healthy place to call home.

Chores are not the best part of owning a horse. Mucking out stalls, trudging through the snow twice a day, making sure the horse has water that hasn’t frozen, feeding and knowing what your horse needs may seem like too large of a commitment. Not to mention owning a property that has a shelter, ample access to water and safe fencing is expensive. Do you like to travel, but your kids are just begging for a horse? We can take all the negatives away for your family to have a horse.

Quarters 4 Horses has everything you need except the horse and tack. We do the hard part so you can live your normal life. We all know that Dad and Mom get stuck doing most of the chores and if you are not a horse person, the task is daunting. Rick and his staff are here every day taking care of your horse.

We do require that our boarders have a basic understanding of safe horsemanship. So buy those riding lessons and get started on the journey of owning a horse.


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